Iva Mazzoleni

My approach

Conventional at times and not so in other


With the great popularity that Pilates has enjoyed in recent years, the Pilates offer has exploded all over the world. In the vast choice available on the market, I have experienced a bit of everything, and this not necessarily in a good way.

I clearly want to point out that my commitment to you and your well-being is not half measures. When I make a commitment to a student and to his or her body, my duty is always to find ways where others have failed. I advocate learning the Pilates method and not just consuming it. The method is based on principles, values, codes, integrating a system and an ingenious mapping of your body. My role is to make you discover your body, to make you discover everything that you did not know existed in you and that you did not feel capable of achieving.

Practice, perseverance, patience and passion are the qualities that I defend and that were taught to me throughout my journey with the Method. I will never settle for things half done, being way too insightful and outspoken. I will always aim to ensure that you have all your means for an optimal integration of the Pilates method, regardless of your starting form. I accompany children to mothers with their babies up to people of 90 years old.
A healthy mind in a healthy body is ageless and does not grow on trees. Staying in top shape is lifelong a commitment ... not to me but to YOU ​​and to your health! Your body is the only place you will live your whole life ... learn to care.

Life is filled with encounters that mark our evolution and I look forward to seeing our paths crossed so that I can listen and serve your body for greater health, remaining worthy of your expectations and your well-being.

Collaboration with many doctors and therapists in the region

For several years, the Pilates method has seduced the therapeutic and medical world thanks to its effectiveness in addition to any therapy. In 15 years of activity, I have had the chance to build a close network with health specialists in the region. I remain very favourable to any collaboration with specialists because we are all complementary. It is by combining our strengths and coordinating our strategies of work as best as possible that we will gain efficiency and time so that you benefit from lasting results.

Some complementary health insurance companies recognize the Pilates method through the Swiss Pilates Association, a quality label ensuring the validity and the quality of the training of all Pilates teachers in Switzerland, of which I am a member. You will thus potentially be able to have part of your Pilates lessons reimbursed by your complementary health insurance.

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